Repairing a Damaged Phone Charger or Unable to Charge

Learning how to repair an HP charger that cannot fill or damage the time specified is not necessary for cellphone owners because they prefer to buy new because it requires unnecessary expensive.

But specifically smartphones that are sophisticated usually have chargers that cannot be replaced by other products because they have a safety component to prevent an increase in costs.

For this reason, try repairing your own damaged original HP charger better than many available at low prices. And asking to be more careful using your smartphone unit emitation items is safe from problems.

How to repair and service an HP charger

Try now to understand the following questions that address the problem with the HP charger unit so that it cannot charge the battery.

  • Disconnected cable
  • The port is dirty or rusty
  • There is a damaged connector pin
  • Use a KW battery

Damage to the charger itself can be ascertained from the signs that are divided into 2 are:

# 1 The total charger condition is dead

If you find this problem, you can be sure the charger will not be able to charge the cellphone because it has to be for hours.

The indicator display on the cellphone screen also shows no reaction at all, aka the battery logo and the voltage sign does not change.

# 2 Charger disconnects (lives off)

This problem occurs more often because the charging device is sometimes not at all.

So sometimes the cellphone screen still needs charging, but it can still be fixed, but some are pointing to the live indicator, but the battery can’t be fully charged.

Of the two damages mentioned above, it actually has the same handling method, which is only sourced from the cable agreement or helmet.

The steps to carrying out the analysis are as follows:

  • If there is, repair a similar charger to make sure it is not on your cellphone.
  • For the latest type of charger always use a USB port cable, check using a multitester to find out the connection between the PIN ports that are still well connected.
  • You can also switch cables to trust the damage to the battery or support it.
  • Problems with the cable are usually only 2 broken and dirty pin connectors how to deal with it must be connected or repaired.
  • If it is damaged in its protective parts, it must be demolished to check the components inside.

Replace components on the adapter charger

  • Open the cellphone charger box until the electronic circuit is displayed.
  • Make observations on components, whether there are any that are burning, leaking, breaking, or physical signs of being injured.
  • In general, the damage to the charger adapter is in the transistor, capacitor (elco), diode and resistor parts.
  • Check this component using a multymeter until finding components that are not done.
  • Replacing it is also quite easy and also the price of the component is also very cheap.

If methods above have been done but your cellphone charger is still not working too. Maybe you need to replace it with a new one. You can find the original charger at

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