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iPhone 6S photo

The Amazing iPhone 6S With 3D Touch Sensor

IPhone 6S is one of the latest smartphone made by Apple vendors that attract many smartphone users around the world. Although dibandrol with a relatively expensive price when compared with other smartphones, has even been named as the most expensive smartphone in 2015, but the new smartphone enthusiasts launched in February 2015 is still quite high. This certainly can not be separated from the quality as well as the various advantages offered. For those of you who are still curious about the full specifications of the iPhone 6S, here are more complete reviews for you.

iPhone 6S photo


Specs And Price iPhone 6S

When compared with the previous series of the iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6s smartphone is better in terms of specifications. And more interesting than the reviews of the iPhone 6S in addition presented in the newest look with pink color. Apple also provides changes to the latest smartphone material, where the iPhone 6s is made with the latest metal material made of aluminum zinc 7000 series that makes it more sturdy and strong. Although slightly thicker to 7.1 mm and weighs 143 grams, the smartphone that carries the 4.7-inch screen remains enthralled with a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels and a density of 326 pixels density density capable of displaying quality images, sharp and clear.

Not only that, with carrying LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with capacitive touchscreen and 16M colors, iPhone 6s screen specifications are also equipped with ion-strengthened glass and oleophobic coating protection technology that keeps the image quality even though not yet using Quad HD resolution screen. Not only that, which makes it more exclusive, iPhone 6s screen is also equipped with 3D touch technology that can open applications in accordance with the strength of fingerprint pressure, this technology is the first in the world of smartphones in the world. In addition to increasing the privacy of its users, Apple also offers a fingerprint scanner on the home button.

In addition to offering a pampering view of the eye, Apple also offers the best kitchen runway for the iPhone 6s. Compared with the exorbitant iPhone 6S Price, the iPhone 6s is powered by the latest Apple A9 processor capable of producing speeds up to 70% faster than previous A8 processors, in addition to the pacemaker pinned in the iPhone 6s is also capable of producing better graphics performance up to Reach 90% and able to run various applications and features seamlessly without lag. And to support the performance, the iPhone 6s is equipped with 2GB of RAM capacity and run with IOS operating system 9, in addition to higher than the previous series, the pinned specification of course is also able to make the performance more rapid and responsive.

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And the iPhone 6S reviews are no less interesting certainly related to the camera feature luggage, where the iPhone 6s is equipped with 12 megapixel main camera and 5 megapixel front camera resolution, this specification is certainly much better than the previous series that has a resolution on each camera 8 megapixels and 1.2 megapixels. In addition, the camera features on the iPhone 6s is also supported by features dual-LED flash, phase detection autofocus which makes the resulting image quality is not inferior to the image quality taken with DLSR camera.

Not only that, the iPhone 6s are also supported with a variety of supporting features that qualified, such as 4G LTE technology connectivity capable of producing speeds up to 300 mbps, 3G HSDA network, dual band Wifi which has a speed up to 2 times compared to the standard wifi speed, NFC features To support payments Apple Pay, bluetooth V4.1 and other features that are best in its class. That’s the review of the iPhone 6S with respect to the specifications and features that can be pampered luggage its users.

Advantages And Disadvantages iPhone 6s

Once you know the iPhone 6S review, now let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the iphone 6s specification. First we discussed the advantages possessed by the iPhone 6s are in addition presented with luxury premium design and anti-crooked, the latest smartphone made by Apple is also equipped with the latest runway kitchen and a qualified performance of A9 processor with 2GB of RAM capacity. In addition to supporting performance, the iPhone 6s also run with the operating system IOS 9 multitasking. Equipped with 3D touch features and fingerprint scanner sensor, iPhone 6s is also enhanced with a 12 megapixel rear camera to be able to record 4K resolution video.

Although it has been refined from the previous series, but the iPhone 6s still has some weaknesses that you can make as a consideration. Having a big name, making the price of the iPhone 6S dibandrol very expensive, other than that the iPhone 6s also has a deficiency in the dirt resource, where the iPhone battery capacity small and can not be removed, the screen resolution is not Quad HD and does not provide external memory.

Newest iPhone 6S Price

The price of the iPhone 6s is very high price, where for the cheapest price of the iPhone 6s with 16 GB of internal memory worth 9.2 million rupiah, while for the iPhone 6s series with 64 GB internal memory priced at 10.7 million rupiah. And the highest price ranges from 12.1 million rupiah which is equipped with 128 GB of internal memory. So the reviews of the iPhone 6S that we can convey, may be useful. Every package comes with charger iphone.

iPhone 6S image