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Our site is dedicated to provide the best laptop guides and tech coverage under the sun. At amazebrowser.com we feature laptop news and buying guides on laptops ranging from ultrabudget netbooks to beasting 17-inch gaming laptops all carefully vetted by our team of expert researchers. Started in 2016, this site is a laptop publication built to provide cutting edge news stories and aid consumers in their product research while shopping. Our advanced guides and unique scoring system making it easy to sift the gems from the dirt and our news ensures you’ll always be on top of the latest laptop releases and tips to get the most out of your mobile machine.

Forget trawling through Google for hours on end to find the right laptop for you.  We aggregate reviews on laptops from leading critics, provided product write ups, detailed specs, and comprehensive product comparisons. Our catalog offers a hundreds of fully browsable laptops along with critics reviews, specs, and more. Our buying guides are built to suit your needs and your budget – don’t waste your valuable time on product research when we’re here to help.