8 Ways to Start a Laying Hens Business for Beginners

The way to start a laying chicken business is pretty much sought after, because this business is claimed to have good prospects in the future. Chicken eggs themselves are one of the staples that are always sought because their utilization is quite extensive. from housewives, home industries to food processing plants, they also need a large supply of eggs. So sometimes if the supply of eggs is less the price can rise quite dramatically, such as when entering the holidays and religious holidays.

Starting a Laying Hens Business

business of laying hens

Although classified as not a new type of business, the business of laying hens has long-term prospects that are quite promising if managed properly and maximally. What not? Anyone currently needs chicken eggs, both for self-consumption and as a raw material for making cakes. But sometimes there are also many people who feel anxious and afraid when starting this laying chicken business, this is due to a lack of information and sufficient knowledge about the business to be run.

Whatever type of business is chosen to run if not through careful planning and preparation the results will definitely be far from the word successful. Including with the business of raising chicken laying hens, especially if they are laymen and have not yet fully known the ins and outs of the business of laying hens. Here are some ways to start a laying chicken business that might help to provide a little insight, including.

1. Gather Information

The business of laying hens including businesses that have a profit and loss ratio that is almost the same size, so what needs to be done is to collect and find information as complete as possible. Including how much capital is needed, what should be prepared also how to care for the laying hens. Do not, when the business will begin, are still confused about how to manage the laying hens.

2. Create an Mature Business Plan

After getting enough information about the ins and outs of raising laying hens in detail, then proceed with making a careful business plan. Whatever business is run will definitely need a good plan so that any risks that arise can be minimized. The plan made must be very detailed covering all aspects of the business that you want to go through.

Starting from a survey of market conditions include fluctuations in prices, competitors, and other unexpected risks to survey costs that must be spent to run the business of laying hens from the beginning until the chickens are ready to lay eggs. Because there is no guarantee of success, a business or a business that has just been pioneered can be immediately done because it does not underestimate a plan, so that the business just started will have a clear direction and purpose.

3. Determine the Business Scale

Determining the scale of business when you want to start a laying chicken business is also quite important, considering that you can easily prepare the capital needed. That way, you can predict how many chickens and the number of eggs that will be produced each year. And you can more easily prepare your cages, location, and production costs that will be needed to treat the chickens to produce. Determining how big the scale of business to be developed helps you to plan every thing better and clearer.

4. Prepare Capital

When a well-planned plan has been made by considering all the other supporting aspects well then it is important to prepare the necessary capital. The success of a new business lies not only in the size of the capital invested, but how you as a novice businessman manage the capital. The greater the capital, of course, will provide convenience in meeting the initial needs of a business, especially the capital needed for the business of laying hens is not small.

If the initial capital that is owned is not too big, then use it wisely and adjust it to the main needs. Not pushing yourself when starting a laying business can be the first step towards success. Because even with mediocre capital, if it is diligently pursued and never gives up this business also has the potential to develop.

5. Prepare the Enclosure Location

In addition to the importance of laying hens business thinking about planning and capital, which is equally important that must also be prepared is the location of the cage. Unlike when raising chickens only for side activities, laying hens business requires a wide enclosure with a good location. In the sense that all aspects must be considered starting from cleanliness as well as the feasibility of a cage.

Please note if this laying hen is different from other chickens, because laying hens are very sensitive both to sounds and extreme weather. So the location selection needs to be taken very seriously and carefully. If this is ignored, it is not impossible that the egg production produced can decrease sharply and increase the risk of loss.

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6. Preparation of Enclosures

If you want the laying hens business to run well, of course what you should also consider is the enlargement place or the chicken coop. Preparing a cage also requires a concept rather than just being a cage. Because this can affect the condition and condition of laying hens that are very sensitive. Of course you won’t want it, the capital spent is useless right? Therefore make a cage with a good concept, so that chickens can grow comfortably to produce quality eggs.

7. Pay Attention to Weather When Starting

Maintaining difficult laying hens, there are many factors that must be well prepared and planned including weather or climate when starting a laying hens business. This is not because the laying hens are quite sensitive to extreme weather changes. So that this also affects the condition of the chicken and the production of eggs that will later be produced. For weather conditions and climate temperatures should be in the range between 32.2 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius, below or above this temperature can certainly make the laying hens uncomfortable and finally stressed.

8. Give Good Care

After all is well prepared, don’t forget to take good care of the chicken. Care from the provision of quality feed, adequate and not excessive portions of feed and cleanliness of the cage must be considered properly. So that chicken nutrition is sufficient until egg production can run well. In addition, do not forget to pay attention to the health of chickens, if there are those who are not healthy, immediately give care and separate from healthy chickens so as not to transmit dangerous viruses.

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